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Ergonomic use of your chair

We would like to help you avoid the fatigue and discomfort that inevitably result from long periods sitting in an office, by providing a chair that both aids movement and gives support. In order to reap the full benefits of this ergonomically designed chair it is vital not only to understand how to make the simple adjustments, reading the instructions on the following pages, but also where and why. Sitting too upright or leaning forward is as stressful on the spine as a slumped position. Making adjustments throughout the day will assist circulation and prevent muscular pain. The correct position is a 90° angle between thighs and back, but adjust the back mechanism to allow for this angle to open to at least 105° to provide balance and relieve pressure on the spine and a 90° angle between arm and forearm. Regulate the back height to provide maximum support for the vulnerable lower back area. The feet should be placed flat on the floor, or footrest, at a 90° angle to the legs. For better safety and adaptability to the type of flooring, it is advisable to use hard castors for soft floors and soft castor for hard floors. If it is necessary to change castors, they can be easily removed from and inserted into the base.

posizione seduta corretta.jpg

A - Seat adjustment:

Operate the lever up, located under the front of the seat on the right. The seat is raised or lowered by increasing or decreasing the pressure of the body.

B - Armrest adjustment:

Press the button located on the side or below the Pad to position the armrest at the desired height. Acting on the lever under the armrests to adjust the armrest in width (only 4D armrests).


C - Backrest adjustment:

Raise the backrest until it stops, bring it to the lowest position and then adjust the lumbar support to the height of your lumbar area.

movimento BS_3.png

D - Backrest and seat inclination adjustment:

Operate the rear lever upwards, located under the seat on the right. Press the backrest with your back to bring it to the desired position.

Lower the lever to lock backrest in position action.

movimento BS_4.png

E - Depth adjustment of the seat (only with mechanism equipped with seat slider):

Operate the lever up, located under the front of the seat on the left. The seat moves back and forth with block in 5 different positions.



Cleaning : varies depending on the fabric used, but the best results are usually obtained using a brush or vacuum cleaner. Superficial stains can be removed using a slightly wet sponge, more accentuated ones with non-ionic detergents or dry stain removers.

Repairs : maintenance or repairs of the mechanisms and gas columns of the seats must be carried out by specialized personnel. Avoid inappropriate environments and improper use of the seat: the chair must not be near cables, stairs, doors, heat sources; do not stand on the chair, do not sit on the armrests, etc.

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