From today it is possible to order the new TODO fabric, a leather-like material coated with waterproof PVC. TODO has bactericidal and fungicidal additives, effectively limiting the spread of MRSA and other health-threatening microorganisms .
TODO is resistant to fluids, alcohol, sea water and disinfectants containing active chlorine .



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For us, the term quality is not only related to the product, it is an attitude that links the production of each chair with the end user. From the choice of raw materials to the after-sales phase, Seditaly is committed to maintaining its quality standards at the highest levels


We have always considered the relationship with the territory as a strong point for our business. In this regard, we have decided to keep the production of our chairs within national borders.


Thanks to the synergy between local businesses and small artisans, Seditaly is able to supply a range of products suitable for all needs. We offer the possibility to customize the components of each seat at 360 °


Via Molinetto, 99 – 31030 Borso del Grappa (TV) Italy

Tel: 0423 910028   Fax: 0423 910144

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